I have to get specs.

Signing Out,


Mishika said...

what!! no!
when did this happen btw?

Tangled up in blue... said...

Its not so bad. Really. :D

Anty said...

@Mish: It happened yesterday. I'll get the specs tomorrow and will start off 4th sem with them. *sobs*

@TUIB: It's not so bad in theory. It's just that not a single frame suits my face. They all make me look like a librarian. Without exception.

Leonardo said...


They have a million kinds of spects' frames' designs these days. Keep looking :) (slight oxymoron there :D)

Sherry Wasandi said...

Lived behind uber-thick glasses since age 5. Got contacts at 16.

Honestly, they aren't all that bad. I have a power of -12. Trust me. I know. :)

AND, who says librarians can't be hot? *wink*

Anty said...

@ Leonardo: I did settle upon a pair. Which, because it suited me well cost 2k. Mother remains amazed till now.

@ Sherry:I am getting the hang of them now.
Librarians can be oozing hotness, it seems. Friend helped me colour match the whole wardrobe (World's Worst Way To Pass Time, fyi) to suit the specs :D