What I really like about my life and personality is that I can fit it into many different compartments and then make it come together as a whole, almost effortlessly.

Kesha singing Tik Tok makes me want to dance as much as Vivaldi's Autumn. Facebook is as important to me as closeted time with a book and cold mango juice. xkcd, cyanide & happiness and manga make great comic material as much as Wilde does. I live for classics like Dr. Strangelove & Monty Python yet Amy Poehler and Tina Fey still drive me to hysterical fits of giggles. I can be full of in-house witty anecdotes and still subscribe to the popular MTV-humour (I am currently looking forward to the next episode of [V] Dare To Date). Also, Abhay Deol & John Cusack are as beloved as Chandler Bing & the-whole-of-Hollywoods-chocolate-boy-camp.

Desperate Housewives vs. The History Channel, Big Uhhhhhhh. Bihari Hinglish-Gujrati vs. The Queen's English, you got me.

Now, back to the point of this wonderfully self-indulgent post. I was pondering upon why this dichtomy in my personality. And then it struck me. Having been stuck in school and college for a period of time with people who wouldn't exactly appreciate such eccentricities, I always pretended to like the popular stuff.

At some point of time, I just started liking both sides of the coin. To this date, it confounds me which side rules my personality. Which part determines the friends I make? Which part makes me truly who I am? What really makes for my Purple Brains?

Signing Out,


Promise, Fulfilled.

Because of her & her.

Signing Out,
Insanely Happy