Promise, Fulfilled.

Because of her & her.

Signing Out,
Insanely Happy


Sugar Magnolia said...

EEeeeeEeeEeeEeeee. xD You wrote my name!

Here's to dreams of newer worlds to conquer. :)

Sherry Wasandi said...

I love you both! And I'm fast dissolving into a blob of mush and happy-making things. :)

Tiny, rounded letters... organized. Very organized. I think I like the cuttings and crossings more than anything!

All three of us don't slant our writing. All three of us write in tiny letters. The hallmark of the quiet, introspective and precocious.

Not surprising, eh?

Anty said...

@ Sugar: Of course I did! Handwritten posts are meant to be dedicated to you. :)

@ Sherry: I feel much the same. Tch, tch, the cynical child in me is feeling annoyed.

Not at all. I had a feeling we'd write much the same. :)

Naina Sethi said...

Wow, handwritten !
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