Rambling Shambles

Promise me, we'll be like this. Forever. Eating candy on the street and laughing over spilt milk. With paint one one foot and missing on the other. Playing, shouting, snug and happy. Sad one moment, smiling like fools the other.

Colours, papers, printers, magazines, staple pins. Heavy laptops. Insane rooftops. Friends & Foes. You & Me. Cecily & Gwen. Porcelain tiles at our dream homes, dreams we make believe to be true. 

Dust all up in my hair, tan lines on my feet and a funny sensation in my ear. Watch the sunset watch the sun watch the crows crying out for water. A soft breeze brings back reality. Make a joke will you, I didn't call to hear the static. Calls to just hear your voice. 

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