8 Step Process To Effectively Piss Off Inner Nerd

Step 1: Refuse to acknowledge the existence of notes from which you had planned to study.

Step 2: Open Allie's Blog and read through all 186 of her long posts.

Step 3: Reflect on the lack of lyrics in the song Beera from Raavan and then promise to pledge your eternal love to Mani Ratnam for bringing back good Bollywood music.

Step 4: Get a sugar rush at 2 in the night and feel the sudden urge to order both the Fat Free Express and Nicer Dicer from TV.

Step 5: Plan an elaborate system to learn all notes within three hours and promptly forget all about it as you fall asleep

Step 6: Wake all pumped up, realize it is just 9 AM and go back to sleep till 11ish.

Step 7: Sometime post noon, berate Inner Nerd for not telling you to study sooner over a plate of hot Maggi.

Step 8: Write blog post about process because Inner Nerd has given up on you.

Signing Out,
Desperately Seeking Inner Nerd

P.S. Lack of Inner Nerd has created need to listen to The Doors.


Sugar Magnolia said...

I wanted the Nicer Dicer so bad. They make the salads look so amazing.

Anty said...

And they can apparently make a delicious apple strudel. What wouldn't I do for an apple strudel right now.