It happened just a while ago, maybe a day or so back.

For the first time in a long time, life seemed fine. Not perfect, just about okay. Like it belonged in this time and place. Not in some parallel universe or in a void inside somebody's imagination. Like it would be natural to pick up the phone, see some random message and smile at it. Not be snide or whimsical.

For a while there, I was tempted to have an expression that said things were moving on, not too happy nor too sad. For a bit, it was really confusing. I guess I'm not used to feeling just right. A little messed up, sometimes a little out of line, that used to be me.

You wouldn't have had to do much to get on my good side, just a friendly smile and wave. Or a wink and a nod. Or maybe just a simple, 'Hey, smile. You're with me.'

But you didn't.

I guess, you never knew me as well as I'd hoped you did.

Signing Out,
Just Okay

(P.S. Semi-autobiographical musing, this)

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