What I like most about exams are the hourly epiphanies regarding exactly why one should study the whole year long and not in the last three days.

What I like even more is how they vanish into the thinnest of air five seconds post exiting the exam hall.


Sugar Magnolia said...

Hahahah. What I like most is going in and coming out of the exam hall thinking the exact same thing, as if the three hours in between never really happened.

Anty said...

It's wonderful how our brains seem to function and then not function at all.. At the same time!

Kirra Serra said...

The further I step away from the hall, the more answers I remember. I didn't remember them before the exam, I most certainly didn't remember them during the exam, but I do now.
Life sucks.
Exam-time is also when I am my most creative. And then we have the english paper all over.