And one of these days it'll rain real hard
your eyes will fill up, you'll drown
even though you're standing on land.

And one of these days you'll fall down
a swirling hole that makes you feel jaded
even though you're just a new born babe.

Learn to steal a few heavens from angels
live like a floating seed for a while.
Be the poppy seed of the one you desire
opium for those who'll be addicted to you.

Signing Out,


Stuti said...

You know, I love this space that you have created here! I dropped in here from IndiBlogger on a whim, and might even become a stalker one of these days. :D

You write really well, by the way. :)

Anty said...

Thank you so much Stuti :). It's probably more than a coincidence that you dropped by here.

As for being a stalker, you could do it through Ishita's FB profile. If I'm not mistaken, you're Stuti Govil, right?

Clezevra said...

Nice. Nice. Ummmm- very nice?
Sorry, feeling very writers' block-ish.

Anty said...

I fully understand. I've had the same block whenever I try to comment on your blog.

Collective comment - It's lovely.

Stuti said...

Haha! Yes yes, the same.
I should stop spamming her wall so much. :D

And, your archives are beautiful. :)