I went to the Red Fort this time. I can quite imagine the parade of horses and elephants walking through the walls, while courtesans and musicians waited for them at the arched gateways. It wasn't so hard, to see the throngs of people coming to the Diwan-e-Aam, while the emperors sat majestically on thrones of the most beautiful marble. It was easy to stand under the vaulted ceilings and turn around and around slowly, like trying to turn back time. It was the easiest to imagine why someone might come here one fine day and go back convinced they used to be a member of the royal families that lived here once. Sometimes, life is just easier through the camera lens.

Especially so when it's raining so hard that not even an umbrella can fully keep you safe and dry, so you leave it behind with gay abandon and run around everywhere.

Meena Bazaar. The yellow-y tones of comfort.

Pigeons and Old Monuments. Together Forever.

In-laid marble makes me positively giddy. *sigh*

(I just love Bokeh. Whattodo?)

There were also a LOT of bats at this place called Agrasen ke Baoli, where I shall attempt to shoot a murder mystery. =)

Signing Out,
Delhi Tripper


That Kind Of

Do you ever believe that if you shut your eyes hard, close your ears and think hard enough, you'll be in a different land when you wake up?

It's been that kind of night.

Suddenly, maintaining friendships seems more of a task, a chore. One does not need to hear the same each week. I know that it would so much better and easier to not devote energies to introspecting and changing. After all, one is quite loved for the way they have always been. I knows that I should not give up on friends, however one is very tempted to. I have apologized so many times for crimes I never knew I had committed, yet one perseveres. I realize that sooner or later, I will lose all my patience and scream till nothing matters anymore, yet something stops me. Anger has never suited one's countenance.

It's been that kind of night.

I feel no anger, no rage. I feel melancholic. I wish to curl up in the comfort of my blanket and listen to Julie London till the first rays of the dawn hit my face and the dog comes up to awaken me. I wish to sing and paint for a while, without wondering what I am doing with life. I wish this would all just end.

It's been that kind of night.

Signing Out,
It's Been That Kind of Post.



I now has me a poppy coloured umbrella with a ninja on it.

You can die of jealousy now.

Food Would Make Everything Better

If I could get an army of cooks, or just one cook for every kind of cuisine. (oh wait, that would make an army.)

Anyway, If I could have a bunch of nice culinary-minded people cooking for me each day without grumbling or asking for money, I would never ever bother with the world again and this blog would turn into an adventure story of my everyday meals. With photographs, since my darlingest Mommy finally came through and made me the proud momma of a Canon 450D, also known as a DSLR and Marcello to his family, friends and girlfriend Basanti.

Signing Out,



My blogger friends are much more glorious, funny, confused, intelligent and interesting than most of my real life friends. Its true. I spend a disproportionate amount of time memorizing your life history over theirs.

Or maybe having a blog makes life better.

Whatever it is, Happy Friendships Day y'all.

Thank you for keeping me sane. Especially you. (Cheh, you know who you are)

Signing Out,
Bloggy Happy.