Food Would Make Everything Better

If I could get an army of cooks, or just one cook for every kind of cuisine. (oh wait, that would make an army.)

Anyway, If I could have a bunch of nice culinary-minded people cooking for me each day without grumbling or asking for money, I would never ever bother with the world again and this blog would turn into an adventure story of my everyday meals. With photographs, since my darlingest Mommy finally came through and made me the proud momma of a Canon 450D, also known as a DSLR and Marcello to his family, friends and girlfriend Basanti.

Signing Out,


mikkidismom said...

I take offense to the fact that dearest Nannu has not been given any credit in this post

Anty said...

Because Mommy promised it in the first place. Nanu has been duly credited many times.