I went to the Red Fort this time. I can quite imagine the parade of horses and elephants walking through the walls, while courtesans and musicians waited for them at the arched gateways. It wasn't so hard, to see the throngs of people coming to the Diwan-e-Aam, while the emperors sat majestically on thrones of the most beautiful marble. It was easy to stand under the vaulted ceilings and turn around and around slowly, like trying to turn back time. It was the easiest to imagine why someone might come here one fine day and go back convinced they used to be a member of the royal families that lived here once. Sometimes, life is just easier through the camera lens.

Especially so when it's raining so hard that not even an umbrella can fully keep you safe and dry, so you leave it behind with gay abandon and run around everywhere.

Meena Bazaar. The yellow-y tones of comfort.

Pigeons and Old Monuments. Together Forever.

In-laid marble makes me positively giddy. *sigh*

(I just love Bokeh. Whattodo?)

There were also a LOT of bats at this place called Agrasen ke Baoli, where I shall attempt to shoot a murder mystery. =)

Signing Out,
Delhi Tripper


Tangled up in blue... said...

ooh lovely! now when are they finally going to come up with a time machine that isnt pure fiction?

Anty said...

I do wonder the same thing. I am dying to meet Wilde and Austen for a day.