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I really need to go book shopping. I seem to be forgetting what the new book smell smells like! :(

I'd have to find a whole new identity if I forget anything about my love for books. Isn't that scary? But I just read all my James Herriots and Dick Francis together in a major marathon, so I feel better. No shit, that's 32 books. With horses, cows, dogs, cats, veterinary surgeons and murderous intentions. I wish real life had this kind of drama. Nope, real life just has people you can't understand no matter how much you try.

I'm becoming addicted to the sound of the camera shutter. Both in my DSLR and camera phone. I figured this out on my way back home when I was getting really excited about it getting dark so that I could get some pretty night shots in the auto. And when I fished Marcello (DSLR's have names!) out of his bag and randomly started clicking the road home while trying to balance my life and various other bags while in the rickshaw. I got really nice shots though.

This is a shot from inside the auto at like, 7.30 in the night. I like staying late in college. I'm usually the last one out.

This is in college. This building is a fully functioning Video & Audio studio built for our course. This also makes us snobs.

This is the sky in college at around 4.35 when I am bored of listening to my radio feature.

This is the part of the college that is really pretty.

This is the road outside my home when it's just rained and the dog won't pee.

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Tattva said...

The sky picture is absolutely grand. I'm going to stare at it.

Anty said...

Oh do. Come to Delhi, then we can just stare at the sky.