Even though I'm a dog person, I absolutely wuv cats. That smug look, the graceful walk, the self satisfied expressions. And all of this because they can meowr. I kid you not, the art of meowing is what makes cats the way they are.

I know this because I spent the whole of last night, the morning and some part of today evening meowr-ing to myself. First a low pitched hesitant meowr. Then a more verbal sleepy one. And when I was sure neither Mother nor the neighbours had woken up at the noise, a loud demanding rolling the R's waala purr. It's a wonder nobody came and scratched my chin, the way I was carrying on. But the fun it affords you is worth the funny looks people give when you randomly mew in front of them.

Signing Out,
My Pizza Is Here.


Tattva said...

Chhipi says: Melike this post. Wnnnraaoow.

Anty said...

A heart full of love to Chhipi :)

Bhura says: Why does she think she's a cat now? Her random barking was bad enough. ;]