Back. In Techincolour.

And when we're tired of clicking important, artistic or interesting photographs with our DSLR's, we'll resort to profile picture photography. This was taken right after I returned from IIT-Kanpur. It's my last year on college and so I can't go back there again. I wonder why I didn't attend these fests for two whole years. Probably wasn't confident enough to try. That's all changing now. :] I've had fun being away. It was happier coming back, though.
Kanpur. Train rides. Laughing into the night. Love. Tight squeezes. No sleep. Headbanging. Bad jokes. Competitions. To and Fro. SAC. LHC. Food. Laughing. Photography. Dance. Music. Headbanging. Hugs. Packing. Unpacking. Late night walks. Sleepy stupors. More food. Clapping. Head scratching. Nautanki, poori poori. Anagrams. Spelling Bee's. Headbanging. More packing. Staying awake. Fighting for the bathroom. Falling in love. New friends. Old friends. Tic Tacs. Everything.
And then I went strolling off to this little place in the middle of Delhi's slums called Kathputli Colony. Nobody in their right mind ventures in there, I've been told. I don't think I've ever been in my right mind to start with. The place is full of abject poverty and terrible living conditions. Still, I don't think I've seen little children smiling so hard or being unconcerned about their situation in life. In turn, it makes you feel a little less jaded. More human, possibly. I think I'll go back there. I'll take some nice colourful books with me. And some old clothes that don't fit me anymore. Some old toys and games too. Maybe I'll be a little less selfish then.

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Tangled up in blue... said...

I want an SLR too! How to convince mommy? Haaaaye re!

Sugar Magnolia said...

:) Why do all fun trips boil down to these eccentric full-stop lists?

Antara said...

@TUIB: I've no idea how I managed. :)

@Sugar: Maybe it's because there's not other way to explain it. After all, these trips are a mad headlong rush.

weevil girl said...


i like your blogger dp very much xD

Vismitha. said...

That's a lovely picture.