I really, really miss lugging around that injuresmywrists-won'tfocusproperly-mistedover macro lens everywhere. I miss the way it felt in my hands, the way it made me feel so complete and awesome. The way we both fell in love, while bonding over the camera. I miss tucking it in to sleep for that one week after taking photos of the moon every night.

I can't stop being morbid over having purchased a new phone. I swear, it's beautiful and a darling and everything. But I *loved* my old phone. It had style, class and grace. I almost feel like I've gone and replaced Humphrey Bogart with Colin Firth. First loves, N73 and Bogart. Every day, since it's been gone (not gone, it's on the table), I think about the wonderful times we had. Then I put on Casablanca and When Harry Met Sally and have a lovely night.

External hard drive. Oh Baby. Thank you for coming into my life and turning it upside down.

I pledge eternal devotion to laptop. As terrible and hot as it may get on summer nights, it's stood by me in times of much need. And allowed me to download everything the American networks don't broadcast in India. And been my salvation when Star World got cut from the cable plan and left me Bones-less. It does everything I ask of it and never shuts down even after having being hung for three hours so that I don't lose my unsaved work. It loves me so much that it never once objects to being taken in the metro and being subjected in-(human?) abuse by the crowd. We still love, even after I dropped it onto the road.

And finally, dearest-oneandonly-youbelongwithme DSLR. The sexiest Canon 450D in the world. My one, my true. The ray of sunshine in my otherwise even weathered life. I cannot profess in words how much I heart you. I can only profess by clicking all the 40,000 photographs you are deemed capable of and proving to the world that you still have the ability to click more. Not to mention, have your name published in ever photography journal in this world.

-insert future famous photograph-
[Captioned: Antara with childhood sweetheart and camera, Marcello]

Signing Out,
Beating Heart Melodies

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