I'm very jealous of all the people whose friends bake them a birthday cake with gems on top of them. I will be spending mine at home, watching television.

I'm too polite to even blatantly demand a birthday cake.

I have friends at college for whom the Plague ranks just a little above birthdays. Even if it didn't, celebrating definitely ranks alongside the Plague.

I don't have new clothes for the day. All family/family friends shall be busy.

I know it's bad to demand attention on my birthday. Can't help it. Maybe I'll go explore Delhi on my very own. :]

Signing Out,
Cheery Cherry


Deboleena said...

Blocked out all company and celebration for my 20th birthday and it's been one of the nicest yet.

Delhi exploring sounds absolutely wonderful =)

Dandelion said...

oh poor gal...i want all the attention i can get on my birthday...sitting at home is just a big NO...
come to me, i'l celebrate with you!=]

Sherry Wasandi said...

There is still time.

Two days before my birthday this year, I wanting to tear things down and snap wooden pencils and rip stuffed animals apart. Had been in that mood for a month. And voila, it was the best I've ever had.

Things come around quite wonderfully sometimes. If you let them.

Also, let me know if you'd like to meet up sometime soon. Considering how I'm in your neighborhood quite often.

Antara said...

@Deboleena: Plans have been laid out to go photographing all over the place. I've never felt happier.

@Dandelion: First flight out to Bombay it is, then.

@Sherry: I've made arrangements to travel a little around Delhi and purchase new photography equipment. I'm giving myself a happy birthday this year.

Definitely, I'll give you a call soon as my practical exams slow down a little.

Dandelion said...

need you ask? =]

Just Me said...

I guess it didn't quite turn out according to your expectations; aren't you glad? :)

Antara said...

@Just Me: You of all people, should know how I glad I was and still am. :D

little boxes said...

aww the next time it's time for your birthday remind me to bake a cake.
i love to bake <3

p.s. 26th november's is my father's bday :)