All That Ails Mankind

It gets very hard occasionally, to be sitting in office and watching documentaries. Some documentations of the tragedy that is humanity are best viewed in peace and alone, where only the walls are privy to the emotions that spill forth.

It is a wonder to me how people move on with their lives in the face of such brutality. Their stories are tinged with heavy shades of helplessness. And you want to cry when you take it all in. From the girl forced to marry a man in a life and culture she still doesn't quite understand to the woman left helpless because of the war-time rape camps. They have seen family being killed right in front of their eyes, paralyzed in fear and unable to help. Some turned into lab rats for what the Government fancied at the time and others held to disintegrated societal and moral values.

With the end of every story, come more questions. The sheer sadness of their lives hits you out of nowhere. I desperately want to pull them out of the screen, take them into my arms and promise them that I will make their world perfect again. I want to take their tormentors, shoot them and punish the guilty for all the wrongs inflicted in this world. But more than all of that, I want these people to once, break down and cry because I need to know I am not the only one who does.

It is hard, so very hard to live their lives.
Yet they manage, somehow.

Signing Out,


Tangled up in blue... said...

You know I was watching The Whistleblower tonight. It's a strange quasi-documentary style fiction movie about sex trafficking in Bosnia after the end of the civil war, set as recently as 1999.

It tells a rather frightening tale of a woman's lonely fight against the whole system to save the victims of sex trafficking, some of these girls being as young as 8 years old. As we arrive at the utterly depressing end they tell us that no justice has come to the victims and none is likely to come in the future. The scariest part is the perpetrators of this racket are international peacekeepers and diplomats from the UN, preying on the people they're supposed to protect.

It filled me with rage and helplessness in equal measure. Then I felt really lucky and privileged to be born here, in this time and place. Which was horrifying becoz the only difference between a life of degradation and one of dignity is one random accident of birth.

So, no, you're not the only one, no.

Antara said...

It really does help to know I'm not the only one.

Tangled up in blue... said...

I know, which is why I had to comment on this rather personal post.