Of Thanks

After a fairly long time, I started reading through something that previously was a large part of my life some two years ago. I opened up and read through a few of the blogs I used to follow and before I knew it, that little smile had started creeping up my lips.

Between Blogger, Tumblr and Wordpress, I have discovered some unusual, some hilarious and some understanding souls. The one common thing between all of them? They made me feel a lot less alone. Everything these people have said, from stories of childhood spent in the midst of books to feeling dizzy at the very idea that adulthood has crept up on us in the past four years, has resonated with me. Even today, when feeling whimsical and unable to settle down, these blogs made me feel at ease. A sincere wave of peace does come calling, slowly washing over my thoughts, when their sentences flow through the pages. For these people have in a way, showed me the path that lies ahead.

Most of them have brought to me, more writers and poets to lodge my sensibilities in. Others have conferred upon me an understanding of art that is oft lost in our textbooks-and-tables world. Some others have taught me that it absolutely fine to be sitting in the same position in front of the laptop for a few days, resembling a somewhat unkempt hobo, if it means you can be productive and loving towards everybody else for months afterwards. Indeed, it does strike me that I have seen so many people grow over the course of four years, from tattle-tale emotional poems to an actual understanding of their position 'twixt space and time.

Sensibly and graciously, these bloggers have used Shakespearean anecdotes and Wilde-esque stories to delight their audience. And then, there the wild-childs, who in their complete anonymity have typed roundabout phrases that suddenly make the most sense to me.

It reminds me over and over again that no matter how far or how long I may escape, the only world that I belong to with dedicated fervor and grace is the one of reading and being read.

Signing Out,
The Reader


Tangled up in blue... said...

This is something I wholeheartedly thank the interwebs for..to have been able to find a kindred spirit and then another and yet another is something I shall be eternally grateful for. There's nothing more heartwarming than to read what was one's own partially-formed thought so fully realised in someone else's words that at times I am seriously overwhelmed at being able to share such a unique personal experience with a friend that I might never have met or might never meet in person. But it is enough that our thoughts meet here. I am so glad that I know you, Antara. It does feel like I've grown up with you. :) This was such a truly truly wonderful post. I've read it thrice over and I have fallen in love with it.

And you know, the word verification for this comment of mine is remarkably "thinkexist". Wow! :D

Antara said...

Good Lord, I must really start checking comments sooner!

I'm equally glad to have found you, for your really did open me up to a new world and interesting perspectives.

It is a pleasure to be your friend and an honour to be read by you.

WV can really read our minds, sometimes.